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Vysoke Tatry
Summer and winter High Tatras Hiking Maps

tatry maps The biggest help for finding your way around the Tatras is a hiking map (summer and winter), in which you will find all significant information:

  • Tatras National Park boundaries
  • all marked hiking trails
  • facilities for hikers and other tourists
  • transportation details
  • first aid stations

    By using a map, you can easily get (and stay) oriented, and choose hikes by their distance, altitude and timing. All marked hiking trails feature signs showing direction and time to various destination; these signs are located at each trail entrance and crossing. All such information is considered valid, except when trails are snow-covered -- above the tree line, if markings are under snow, the trails are not considered as marked. Do not use a summer map in the winter, nor vice-versa. Use the latest, revised version of maps, and you will avoid making mistakes on the ground.

    Even the best map, however, cannot provide up-to-the-minute information on demanding rocky terrain or passability of various trails -- so always supplement the map information by contacting the Mountain Rescue Service or any chalet marked with Rescue Service logo.

    Summer maps of the High Tatras are valid only from 1 July to 31 October. At other times (from 1 November to 15 June), seasonal closure of trails, as marked on winter maps, applies.

    High Tatras - hiking maps
    Printable summer hiking maps
    Zamkovskeho chalet

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