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Rafting on the river of Dunajec in Pieniny

We offer rafting in Pieniny, on the river of Dunajec on the Slovak-Polish border from 1st May to 30th October. The start of the sighseeing raft ride is in town of Spisska Stara Ves at Nokle and it finishes in Lesnica. The total length of the trip is 14.450 meter and it lasts 90-130 minutes depending on the hight of the river. Please see the map.

Rafting During the ride tourists receive information about the flora and fauna, history, traditions and natural beauty of Pieniny in German and occasionally partly in English.

Price per tourist:
Adults 300 Sk
Children under 10 years 150 Sk
Organized groups (30 or more) have a 10% discount.

Because of the delocation of the border it is possible to take a trip to Poland. The border crossing in Lesnica is for tourists on foot and bicycles from the countries who don't need visas to Poland. Another border crossing is 2 km from Nokle in Lysa nad Dunajcom, but only for Slovaks, Czechs and Poles.

Address of the service provider:
Pltnictvo Spisska Stara Ves
Mr. Ladislav Elias
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